Quote of the day part II

The question becomes - do we as a society base our culture on sound principals, morals, and science, or do we base it on improvable doctrine that is thousands of years old, which has no real relevance to the world today?

Remember - only 2 of the 10 commandments are actual laws. Don't steal. Don't kill. Duh!

This is really important.

If the fundi's win this one.. here's what we should do.. find some fundi's, wait for them to eat a shrimp, then beat them to death with large stones. Then, at trial, argue that the Old Testament (where the story of the 10 commandments lives) specifically states that eating shell fish is an abomination, and those that partake must be beaten to death. That's God's law.

Then we can move onto everyone who has had a divorce.. Rush Limbaugh is first..
-Tom from Tom's Irrelevant Musings

I LOVE it!
-John in Atlanta


Tom said...

I hate finding gramtical errors after I've posted something.. Could you do me a HUGE favor and put a question mark after "to the world today." in the first paragraph there.. thx

It just irritates me the way the wingers like to pick and choose parts of their dogma. They want to bash gays, but don't worry about divorce. They want to invade Muslim nations, but they don't want to enlist.

If Satan is the deceiver, wouldn't he come as the saviour? Hmmmm...

John in Atlanta said...