The Vent from the AJC


I told you America was influencing the Middle East. Now Iran has a religious bigot know-nothing for its president too.

I have something good to say about George Bush: He helped me to appreciate what a great country this was.

The Chinese bid to take over an American oil company is just the first chapter of the corporate sellout of our nation in the interest of profits.

This Fourth of July, I am going to celebrate freedom from an oppressive government and smoke a banned substance: a Cuban cigar.

Anybody else find it kind of strange that the same crowd that wants to display the Ten Commandments also wants to change to Constitution to elevate flag worship to the point of idolatry?

This liberal was a Marine during Vietnam. I'll vent about anything I like, chicken hawk!

Conservatives should not be allowed to vent about Vietnam. They should only mention college, where they fled.

Yippee! Now we can put a monument of the Quran in front of our courthouse!

I guess you have to be a raving lunatic to get a vent printed. OK, here goes: George W. Bush is America's greatest president.

So now that America is losing faith in the mission in Iraq, can we please have our money back?

I guess if you say it enough people will think it’s the truth,.i.e, Bush linking the current war in Iraq to the tragedy on September 11.

Will all the young Republicans who voted for the “war President” please go enlist?

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