The Vent from the AJC


Stem cells and embryos don't have heartbeats, either.

If a man makes a statement and no woman is present, is he still wrong?

For a government to deny a dying person anything that can ease their pain is evil.

Somebody needs to tell Bush if he legalizes marijuana he can use the tax money to bomb anyone he wants.

Nixon ended the draft. I think that was a very good thing.

Howard Dean is hitting Republicans right where it hurts -- their vanity.

Paying for Viagra with Medicaid is no worse than paying $58 million for health care for illegal aliens, which we did last year.

If it's fixed, call the DOT and they'll break it for you.

Osama bin Laden will never be caught, but I feel much safer knowing that cancer patients who smoke pot will be busted.

Nixon gave China a big ol' hug! Then they immediately began figuring ways to crush us with cheap exports.

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