The Vent from the AJC

I just heard Saddam Hussein is trying to move his trial to California.

I could have told you Bush is smarter than Kerry. Bush figured out a way to drink beer in Texas while Kerry was earning his Purple Hearts in Vietnam.

If I throw a quarter into the shark tank at the new aquarium, how many Republicans will dive in after it?

I remember when Jim Wooten (a conservative columnist in the AJC-JFA) thought one-party rule was a bad thing.

Had Mark Felt not been the rat he was, Nixon would not have resigned, and we would have won the war in Vietnam. (winner of the stupid vent award-JFA)

Earth to God: You need not trouble yourself with locusts, plagues, floods or fires. We have developers.

Immigrants get health care here because most Americans have trouble letting a fellow human being die in the gutter.

Citizens are not customers of the police department, they are employers.

A state trooper gassed up beside me at a service station. I asked him why there were no "yield" signs on interstate entrance ramps and he said, "Because Georgia is a backward state."

Mark Felt lost the Vietnam War? Everytime I think I've heard the stupidest thing ever said, some conservative speaks up.What a ridiculous vent.

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