Nutjob Randall Terry to run for Senate seat in Florida

Sen. Jim King, a Jacksonville political landmark since 1986, will face a re-election fight from conservative activist Randall Terry.

Terry, a nationally known abortion opponent and spokesman for Terri Schiavo's parents this year, is scheduled to announce today he will run to unseat King next year. He had previously announced he was considering a run.

The contest is already centering itself as a core fight over Republicanism. King is a social moderate and fiscal conservative who has sometimes clashed with the right-wing elements of the party. Terry says the district has no room for moderation and that he can better represent Republican principles.
I'm about as liberal as the day is long, but even I don't agree that nominating a terrorist would "better represents Republican principles."

Randall Terry is a psychopath with ties to convicted murderers. He's trying to sell himself as a "Nationally known abortion opponent." He funds and enables domestic terrorists like people who kill doctors who perform legal abortions. The man shouldn't even be allowed to run for office because he should currently be living in Raiford State Prison.

I think we should all hold the GOP accountable if they choose to sidestep this and say nothing about a terrorist lunatic trying to run for office under the GOP. They had plenty of time to call Richard Durbin a traitor for imagined statements so they should have no problem with condemning Randall Terry.

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