I Googled myself

Tom over at Tom's Irrelevant Musings inspired me to Google myself and to my amazement Wild Sects is the first result. I looked around at some of the other results and found an interesting paragraph from Arthur Conan Doyle - The History of Spiritualism Vol I
Such developments as Harris and others were only excrescences on the main Spiritualistic movement, which generally speaking was sane and progressive. The freaks stood in the way of its acceptance, however, as the communistic or free love sentiments of some of these wild sects were unscrupulously exploited by the opposition as being typical of the whole.
Tom's results were much cooler. He was mentioned in Slate Magazine. You go Tom!


Tom said...

Must go read now:

Go ahead and enjoy wild sects but remember, just because someone finds your ch'i spot doesn't mean they have your best interests at heart. So bring protection, and no matter how ecstatic you get, be sure to keep your eyes open, okay?

John in Atlanta said...

LOL - thanks Tom. I needed that.

Tom said...

Welcome.. now lets have some Wild Sects!