I'll admit it when I'm wrong

I lived in Florida the first time Jeb Bush ran for governor there. Considering the Bush family's background I, along with most Floridians, were certain that if he were elected we would start seeing oil rigs from the beaches. Nobody wanted that so he lost handily. Four years later I was living in Atlanta and Jeb ran a second time and won. Again I was certain that those oil rigs were going to start popping up at any moment.

This morning, much to my relief, I read this article about the agreement that ends Coastal Petroleum Co.'s oil-drilling rights along 425 miles of Florida coast dating back to 1947. Bush, the latest in a long line of Florida governors who have battled the company, said he hopes the deal will echo in Washington, where Dubya's administration and Congress have been threatening to expand oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

It looks like I was wrong about Jeb on that issue but then he knows if he had gone the other way he could kiss his political career, in Florida at least, goodbye forever. He wants the presidency far too much to let that happen.

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