Lies, lies and more lies

Outrage over Clinton's lies about sex...

"There has to be a functional trust by reporters of the person they're covering. Clinton lies knowing that you know he's lying. It's brutal and it subjugates the person who's being lied to. I resent deeply being constantly lied to." – Hardball's Chris Matthews

"The deep and searing violation took place when he not only lied to the country, but co-opted his friends and lied to them." – Reagan/Clinton adviser David Gergen

"What is troubling is the deceit, the failure to own up to it. Before this is over the truth must be told." – Sen. Joe Lieberman (who hasn't owned up to his own pre-war role pushing Bush administration lies about Iraq)

"The judgment is harsher in Washington. We don't like being lied to." - Washington Post columnist David Broder

"When you lie to the country, you are using your authority to undermine the presidency." – Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin (who, by the way, had no problem subsequently plagiarizing work and then lying about it).

Outrage over Bush's lies about the need to go to war...

Sorry, I couldn't find any.


Tom said...

Yes.. imagine that. There's such an outrage over a President lying about a blowjob.

But.. a President lies resulting in thousands of deaths, and the media doesn't seem to care...

It's disgusting..

Mixter said...

They're all mad 'cause THEY didn't get a blow job.

It truly is amazing, isn't it? I don't understand... what kind of weird Bizarro universe have I been transported to?