It's down to the wire...

(HA! Tony BLIAR - for a split second I thought it was a typo)

It's election time in the UK. Time to hit the polls. I used to be an admirer of Tony Blair. After John Major and Margaret Thatcher he was a breath of fresh air. His support of Clinton and our war in Bosnia was the ultimate show of friendship and unity.

In light of the recent news about his conspiracy with Dubya concerning Iraq, he needs to hit the road, Jack. The show of unity with Bush doesn't transfer well when the reasons were fabricated to fit the desire to invade.

I don't profess to know too much about British politics but in this case I'm leaning toward Liberal Democrat Charles Kennedy. Hmmm, I wonder why?

Here's an amazing fact:
In 1992, turnout was 78% on a generally dry and sunny day. Turnout was 71% in 1997, when again it was again dry, sunny and very warm.
Why can't get that kind of turnout in the US?

Time to vote in election campaign via BBC News

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