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Ya just gotta love this guy. Sounds like a letter I would have written. Except that I do not support a draft. I don't want my son to be sent into this massive failure some call a war.

Opportunity to serve

I was encouraged to read in Saturday's "New Voices" feature that young Matthew Melone is so pleased with the changes occurring in the Middle East due to our foray into Iraq, even as the original mission of securing our country from the threat of WMDs has morphed into creating a democracy for the Iraqis.

After all, his generation and many to follow will be footing the bill.

I only wish that our administration would institute a policy of compulsive military service so that Melone and other like-thinking young people could have the opportunity actually to serve our country in its new nation-building role, instead of sitting comfortably in their dorm rooms watching Fox News.

Jon Wyse

Merritt Island

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