The Vent from the AJC

Thursday's cream of the crop:
Raising the age for Social Security is like painting another stripe on I-285 so it can hold more cars.

Laura Bush has become a stand-up comedian like her husband, only she's trying to be funny.

When we run out of gas, we can do what we did in the Great Depression when we ran out of money: Take the wheels off the cars and make carts. Then we called them Hoover Carts. Now we can call them Bush Buggies.

If Bush hadn't squandered the surplus, we would have the money to fix Social Security. Put the money back, and the problem is solved.

Isn't it ironic to have two runaway brides from Georgia? Julia Roberts from Smyrna and Jennifer Wilbanks from Duluth.

In Georgia, anytime you marry outside the family you get cold feet. It makes people nervous.

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