Big Brother comes knocking in WV

This is a disturbing story. Renee Jensen of Elkins, West Virginia, has put up as many as a dozen signs in her yard over the past year, protesting the war in Iraq, Bush and Cheney, and the erosion of civil liberties.

In the fall, the Secret Service gave her a call. "They said they wanted to ask me some questions," she recalls. "I said sure. They said someone called them and said I had signs up in my yard that were threatening the President. I said I did have some signs in my yard, but I wasn't threatening the President.

Then on January 11, she had some unexpected visitors.

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Anonymous said...

Intimidation. Essential in a police state.


Suzy said...

That's so wrong...I wouldn't have let them search my house, would have made them get a warrant. I wouldn't have invited them in!! But I can understand why she did.