Classic Hate Mail Makes a Comeback

Via Ted Rall's web site...

rjstrah@msn.com writes:
Finally saw you on TV. I had no idea you were a homo. That explains your limp-wristed, pre-emptive surrender, foriegn policy,....... but most gays I know are bright. You're ignorance is somewhat unique.
You don't think swallowing man-juice can affect intelligence?........do you?
Ted replies:

I know smart gays, I know dumb gays. I sincerely doubt that homosexuality is related to intelligence. Oh, and I'm not saying whether or not I'm gay because to even address the question is to accept the premise that being called gay is an insult--which I don't consider it to be. What I will say, however, is that anyone who can find proof that I advocate "surrender" (to whom?) or pacificism would surprise me. One of my greatest criticisms of Bush's GWOT is that it has yet to begin. The 9/11 perps are still out there in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Pakistan--and Bush raised their allowance.

Everything else is just bullshit distraction.

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Tom said...

Ted Rall is an interesting fellow. Certainly quite bright, and an effective writer. There have been times when he could have conveyed his point in less dramatic ways, but I tend to agree with his point of view.

Then again, Rall has been at this game a lot longer than I have. I'm farily new to political interest. It's only been a since the late 90's.

I grow increasingly irritated by the types of people that write the email you posted. The conservative in me says lets round them up and deport them to.. say.. Iraq! The liberal in me says they just need to become informed, and their opinion will change..

Shhh.. shhhh.. but I umm.. did I ever mention who I ultimately work for? Rall's site no workie.. imagine that..