The Vent from the AJC

Friday's best...

Why can illegal immigrants get assistance with their medical bills but my mentally handicapped son doesn't qualify?

Lithonia is just another example of government idiots spending more money than they take in. This country is going to hell in a handbasket because of the stupidity of the government at all levels.
Note from JFA: Lithonia recently had to park all city vehicles (police cars, etc.) indefinitely because their liabiblity insurance lapsed. Nice way to handle government business!

United Airlines has gone from financial bankruptcy to moral bankruptcy. The executives get bonuses and retirees get the shaft.

Disabled veterans in this country do not receive free medical care, but illegal immigrants do. It's obvious something is very wrong with America.

I am not psychic, but I will predict the runaway bride eventually lives alone with lots of cats.

Wow! United got to dump billions in debt on taxpayers. Can the feds handle about $8,000 of my credit card debt?

How can anyone not be stupefied by the fact that the top headline on the front page of AJC.com is the American Idol results?

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