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The last 24 hours has exposed further confirming proof of the way that intelligence was deliberately twisted to mislead our country into a disastrous and unnecessary invasion of a country that posed no real threat to us. According to a no longer top secret memo from nearly three years ago, "facts and intelligence were being fixed around policy" because there was "no patience with the UN route", in other words DIPLOMACY

Which brings us directly back to the John Bolton problem. Even leaving aside his pathological pattern of abusive, loose cannon behavior unbecoming a diplomat, it is precisely because this intimidation was employed so often to DISTORT our intelligence that he must be finally rejected. Indeed, his fingerprints are even on the phony Niger yellow cake casus belli. If there was ever a poster boy for malevolently cooked intelligence, he's the guy.

According to Scott Ritter (who hasn't missed a call yet), Bolton's mission at the UN would be to abort any possibility of diplomacy with Iran, so as to force a military confrontation. Unless we SPEAK UP NOW to reiterate our strong opposition to this nomination, it would set in motion events leading to the use of nuclear weapons, both by us and ultimately and inevitably then against us.

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