Separated at birth

Sometimes ya just gotta go for the cheap shot.


Mixter said...

Laff out loud hilarious!


Tom said...

Sorry.. don't know who she is..

John in Atlanta said...

She's the infamous runaway bride from Georgia that has been taking the attention away from real news for the last week or so. Not knowing who she is is actually a good thing!

Tom said...

LOL I should have guessed..

I'm sort of framing the plot for my novel now.. and as I come across interesting things in the news, I sort of drop them into the outline to be sorted out later into plot element.

Today I dropped in "media whores fixate on irrelevant issue". I'll figure out what the issue is later, but I have to have media.. distracting from the big picture.. being total scum..

Jimbob said...

In the immortal words of Homer Simpson--- " DOH! "